Our Mission

Providing Labor To The Agribusiness Industry


Our service professionals offer expertise and assistance in employment consultation, providing labor, recruiting, and labor training.

Grow Labor is setting a standard of leadership within the agribusiness staffing community.

Grow Labor is dedicated to fully meeting the needs of its clients, both the individual and the business, with the highest ethical standards by creating a stable, reliable workforce.

 We pride ourselves for dealing honestly with our clients and believe that our business model will bring success to Grow Labor, our business clients, and those we place in safe and appropriate positions. We actively seek employees who have a desire to work and employers with the desire to provide good jobs and who treat their employees well.

Change always comes with opportunity and Grow Labor is ready and willing to embrace it. Grow Labor is dedicated to those who are linked to the land and who provide agrarian products to the world. Grow Labor has not- and will not- outgrow or forget, its President’s foundational values of integrity, quality, innovation, and commitment to the best interests of Grow Labor’s client’s and personnel. Those values determine the way Grow Labor works, the quality we offer, and the unsurpassed service you get as a customer, investor, and employee.

To accommodate our growing operations, we are always looking for new employees with diverse skills and new companies with equally diverse needs. Working as a team, Grow Labor is dedicated to matching employers with capable, legal employees and forming business relationships that meet our highest standards. Our company’s primary goal is to assist agribusiness industries in meeting an ever-growing need for labor. Labor shortages cripple business potential and it is our mission to relieve that pressure. Grow Labor is committed to creating and ensuring the highest standards of professional responsibility, and we insist on business partners who share our vision. We are not in the business of exploiting workers. Instead, we offer long-term employment opportunities.

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